From landfills to agricultural waste, people all over the world are turning trash into treasure using Biomass Gasifiers. An ingenious process that can produce 3 valuable resources, electricity, drinking water and fertilizer. Companies can also earn profits on waste removal fees, making this one of the best ways to turn one man’s trash into another man’s treasure. From humble inventions that can be used in villages to large gasification plants that can provide green energy to tens of thousands, we are going to show you some examples of how biomass gasification is changing the planet and then we are going to show you just exactly how the technology works.

The story starts in Rajasthan. India; Population 68 million (2011 census). Here you can find a biomass gasifier in every village that can run a 30hp generator for 1 hour on 20 kilograms of waste. Designed by Rai Singh Dahiya, a local peasant with no formal training, this device has already won him many awards. His gasification device is small, portable, affordable and the best part is that it is fueled by something that Rajasthan has plenty of, agricultural waste.

Industrial Trash Saves Company Millions

Japan Waste Gasification PlantKani, Japan is home to the Daio gasification plant, that turns left over waste from their paper plant into Syngas. The plant reduces energy cost and emissions while solving their abundant waste problem. The savings result in millions of dollars per year in electricity, waste removal and emission tariffs.

Landfill Waste Converted into Green Energy

Pampanga, Philippines located just two hours outside of Manila has just over 5 hectares of rotting landfill waste that is killing the local environment and putting millions of tons of methane gases into the atmosphere each year. This is also home to another company that is making strong profits turning trash into treasure. In the picture above members of the local government and green energy investors break ground. This Biomass gasification plant , when completed is expected to produce enough clean energy to power 60,000 homes, clean up overfilled landfills and reduce Philippines’ carbon footprint at the same time.

How Gasification Turns Trash Into treasure

Now we’ve seen some examples, lets look at how the process works. Not all gasifiers are created equal as the technology can be used in so many different ways.  Gasification can clean the environment from waste while producing byproducts such as electricity, fertilizer and even clean drinking water. Bio Gasification is the process of heating materials in a controlled environment without igniting combustion. The result is a gas that can be used as fuel as well as heat that can clean water and/or power a steam turbine. Currently no other form of green energy has so many collateral positive effects on nature.


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