Things to know before you invest in Tidal Power Plants. The tides are the result of the gravitational attraction between the earth and the moon. The strength of a wave is greatly dependent on the earth-moon system. The tidal power is extracted from the strength of the tides resulting from the variation of the gravitational pull between these celestial bodies. The natural strength of these tides is a great source of energy. When the tidal power is harnessed it becomes a great source of sustainable energy.

Before the tidal power is used to produce energy there are requirements that must be met. Since there are consistent high and low tides in all coastal areas these must meet the five meter or sixteen feet requirement. However, not all coastal areas have the range of this tidal magnitude. There are only 40 coastal sites on earth where such tidal power is present.

Components Of Tidal Power Plants

In starting the tidal energy harnessing of a tidal power plant has three main parts. The barrage or dam has gates and turbines installed. It forces the water through the turbines that activates the generator. A tidal fence is also part of the plant. The tidal fence looks like a baffle gate which spins in the event of strong current on the coast. The last part of the power plant is the tidal turbines which are located underwater, arranged in rows just like in wind farms. The operation of the barrage is inexpensive but the construction of it is very costly and time consuming. The generation of power in the form of electricity happens when the barrage forces the tides into the turbines. The water turns the turbines when it goes in and out of the tunnels in the barrage and the activates generator.

Ecological Impact of Tidal Power Plant Investments

The energy generated by the tidal power plant can be compared that of a dam. That being said the ecological impact is much smaller than that of a dam because tidal power plants harness the power of the tides without interrupting the natural flow of the tides. This is good not only for a piece of mind but it also safeguards your investment money from future regulations and unexpected expenses associated with leaving a large economical footprint. What’s good for mother nature is good for your wallet. An example of this is the investors the Shoreham nuclear power plant in New York that gobbled up billions of investment dollars and never even generate 1 watt of electricity. Another example could be the diminishing returns that coal and oil plants are facing mostly due to government regulations on emission output levels.

Possible Tidal Power Plant Investments

  • Jiangxia Tidal Tidal Power Plant, China
  • Aguçadoura Wave Farm, Portugal
  • Incheon Wave Power Plant, Korea
  • Garorim Bay Tidal Power Plant, Korea
  • Cornwall Wave Hub, United Kingdom
  • Dalupiri Blue Energy, Philippines
  • Penzhin Tidal Power Plant, Russia
  • Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Plant

Please check back as we will be updating this list with new projects, on-site reviews and financial metrics. For for information about these plants or other tidal power investments please contact one of our green energy advisers today for a free brochure.