From a simple observation a now renowned Japanese inventor named Akinori Ito has produced a one of a kind technology that allows us to convert plastic into oil.

The growing cause of plastic pollution has affected not only living organisms but the majority of the planet. It has taken up too much space and accumulates at a very rapid pace. With the population constantly growing and the demand for plastic consumption tops, more and more evidence of climate change us not only seen but experienced as well.

The general public is not aware that most of the plastic materials that they use us made up of 98% petroleum products that is converted back into oil. Oil that is extracted from used plastics is used as an alternative for fossil fuel energy generation, power for our cars and other means of transportation. With millions of plastic waste produced every year, most of it is floating in the great Pacific Gyre that kills albatross, seagulls and marine life by indigestion and suffocation. Imagine saving money if you could convert these plastic materials into alternative oil at the same time saving the environment?

How is it achieved?

The conversion of plastic to oil involves a process called thermal degradation wherein extreme heat is applied to plastic which is feed stock to the innovation made by Mr. Ito. The gas that is produced from this process do not escape the chamber, it is redirected into a cylinder filled with water. Water and gas then co-mingles thus producing alternative oil derived from plastic. The oil is then separated from the water residue.

Depending on the feedstock, plastic may produce heavy oil, gasoline, kerosene and diesel. All these types of oil are the used for our cars, energy generating turbines and heaters for our homes. With millions of tons of plastics produced, millions of tons of oil are just sitting in our sanitary landfills waiting to be found. Buried treasures are found in places and forms that you would never think of it possess. The art of renewable energy just keeps on expanding. Companies are starting to invest in the technology of Mr. Ito to help their cities lessen the growing pile of plastic waste.