There are numerous debates not only in our government but also in our communities that GLOBAL WARMING is just a myth. Let us explore the sides of the changes that are happening in our planet and find out who’s causing it.

The US is home to 5.7% of the world entire population. Can you imagine how much carbon dioxide emissions the country alone produces?

About 25% of the CO2 emissions on earth is contributed in the US alone. With other countries both developing and developed add to these emission the earth’s atmospheric layer is broken down bit by bit. Hot air is trapped within the earth that may cause extreme heat or cold in numerous places all over the globe.

Prices of commodities did not increase alone, factors such as number of population, increase of demand and supply of both raw and recycled material has significantly hit the roof. Unstable markets pose as a threat to both small and large business wherein trade is vital. Along these changes come global warming wherein our oceanic waters have warmed to a full degree Fahrenheit since the 70’s.

If the artic ice could only yell help I melting!!! It will. With its rapid disappearance, the region might experience summer by 2040 or earlier. Species who live in this type of habitat would surely be affected by the the loss of sea-ice. Creatures and plant below our seas are also affected by climate change. Coral reed which are know to house indeginous cultures and marine species are highly sensitive to the changes in water temperature. In response to the stress brought forth by these phenomenon, coral reefs die and so is the biodiversity that comes with it.

If global warming continious, we would feel the direct heat of the sun in 400 years. You might re-think and say who cares I am gone by then but hey don’t you want the future generation to see what the real beauty our planet beholds? All human beings are the current contributors of planetary warming, no matter how big or small the contributions towards hazardous emission that depletes the environment is, it is still a major factor.

The propose change our counter for climate change is to begin with one self. We must reduce our emission and save the environment resources. There are numerous proposed alternatives that would aid as viable solution to the growing effects of global warming today.