We are going to take a look at why gasification plants are the hottest and most promising green energy investments for 2012. Just check out the headlines for Invest in Gasification plants and you will see just how popular it is. Large companies and even governments all over the world are getting in on the action and now InvestinGreenEnergy.com aims to bring this information to potential investors.

POSCO, a South Koren steel company, announced earlier this month that they are investing in a new gasification plant to be built in 2012 in Mongolia. This is a joint venture with a Mongolian green energy firm. A company spokesperson announced the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to Dow Jones Newswires however, no further details have been disclosed.
Gazprom is the largest company in Russia and also the largest extractor of natural gas in the entire world. Earlier this month they announced their plans to invest 500 million rubles for the construction of new gasification facilities in Russia. This is in addition to spending 1.5 billion rubles between 2007 and 2010. A clear indication of their bullish perception on gasification plants as a source or green energy.

Newest Gasification Plants

Yet another promising gasification investment is in the Philippines. TGEG is leading the pack with the construction of a Biomass Gasification plant that uses landfill waste and converts it into green energy and fertilizer. They have been granted over 5 hectares of land by local governments and with the Philippines’ out of control waste problems, they have plenty of landfill waste to fuel their plants for generations to come. Their income will come from waste removal services, clean drinking water produced as a byproduct, fertilizers also produced as a byproduct and of course the feeding of electricity back into the national grid. Their facility is already inder construction however, they are expected to continue raising money for private placement clean into 2012.

What are Biomass Gasification Plants

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Metsä Botnia a Finish pulp and fiber company, is investing around 20 million euros to build an on-site Gasification plant that will convert waste from their mills into renewable energy. The Finland Ministry of Employment has also taken part with the investment of 4.2 million euros. This plant is unique as it will use the mills excess heat to to help run the gasification plant. In addition to the energy savings and use of renewable resources, the new plant will also make the company 100% carbon dioxide neutral. Construction has already started with a completion date set for the end of 2012.

Missed Opportunity- Back home in North America, Nexterra is a success story with their fully operational biomass gasification plant located in British Columbia, Canada. They recently underwent third-party testing from the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) and passed with flying colors. The biomass gasification plant displaces 85% of UNBC’s natural gas consumption and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 3,500 tonnes per year. Their EPA tests ranked as one of the greenest energy sources in the world with 2 times lower Particulate Matter, 21 times lower in Carbon Monoxide, 11 times fewer Volatile Organic Compounds and they broke even on the NOx Emissions test.

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