One of the most abundant natural-occurring green energy that people have is geothermal energy. It is used in various ways and one of these is in agriculture. Just like the game Cityville in the popular social networking site, Facebook, the player will need energy in order to harvest the crops that were planted. In real world, agriculture utilizes the geothermal energy for watering and growing produce and other plants.

In order to utilize the geothermal energy available, water must be present. The water is supplied into the geothermal spring and it becomes the heating source. The result is geothermal water which is directly used in agriculture. There are several applications where the geothermal water can be used. It can be used in heating and watering the plants. However, there are three major areas in the agricultural industry where geothermal water is used wisely.

The first area is in the open field agriculture. Open fields are common all over the world and the temperate places which are fortunate enough to have access to any geothermal source are greatly benefited. Open fields in agriculture are easily subjected to the harsh weather. In order to protect plants and crops from the cold weather, geothermal water is used to keep temperatures steady. This is made possible with irrigation pipes running under the soil. This is not only intended for heating but for watering the crops as well. This prevents or keeps the damage to the crops at a minimum.

Another benefit that geothermal water offers the open field in agriculture is the sterilization of the soil. The water helps in killing fungus, pests and diseases known to plants. In the process of sterilization, very hot water is needed. There are two ways on how farmers do this. The first one is they let the heat from the pipes underground warm the soil until the pests are dead. The second one is they apply the steam directly above the soil and cover it with plastic sheets after, to keep the heat inside. These methods help prolong the growing season of the plants.

One more use of the geothermal energy is in greenhouses. Greenhouses need a constant temperature which can be maintained by the geothermal water. The constant warmth inside help plants grow faster and they become more reliable. In using the geothermal water in the greenhouse, growers have several techniques. The techniques they employ use plastic tubes, finned coils and pipes. They also use unit and soil heaters. Depending on the temperature that suits the plants, the grower combines the tools mentioned to help the crops reach its maximum start growth rate before it is transferred in the open field. The type of plants being grown may also need different requirements such as good air circulation and humidity. Aside from the open field and the greenhouses which are using geothermal water, such heat resource can also be used in drying the agricultural crops.

The industry is definitely benefited by the geothermal energy available. Such green energy makes it easier and more efficient for farmers and growers to produce quality vegetables and crops. There is no need to wait for seed germination to happen because the geothermal heat produced eases this process. Farmers are able to grow crops which are not in season and they can be sold in higher prices. This means profit for farmers and growers. The presence of such heat resource means it is easier for them to control the growing condition requirements of the plants.

However, there are also drawbacks when it comes to geothermal energy used in agriculture. The first one is that geothermal areas or water is not available in all areas. Not everyone who is part of the agricultural industry can take part in this green energy resource. In fact, there is only one or none at all in many regions all over the world. Putting and installing the geothermal water pipes can also have a dear cost, plus it will take time to do so.

If Cityville has the energy generated every 5 minutes for the player to harvest his crops, geothermal energy is readily available to use and makes it possible for farmers to grow off-season crops and maintain healthy plants. This is an important part that green energy plays in people’s lives. It does not only environment-friendly but it is also a source of sustainable livelihood that has a good impact on a region’s economy. A win-win situation indeed presented by geothermal energy in the agricultural industry.